7V 9V 50mA DIY High Sensitivity Frequency Meter Kit frequency 1Hz 50MHz Counter Cymometer Measurement Tester Module for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


Frequency range: 1Hz-75MHz (in fact, it can work up to 78MHz). 
Four-digit or five-digit display resolution (for example, x.KHz xxx, x.xxx.MHz, or xx.xxMHz). 
Automatic switching range with different gate times. 
addition or subtraction of programmable frequency offset. 
Input impedance: 1.1 M, parallel to about 10pF. 
Input sensitivity: Typically less than 20mV RMS from 1Hz-100KHz, rising to 35mV at 20MHz and 75mV at 50MHz (150mV at 78MHz). 
Current consumption: 50mA with 7 to 9 V input. 
Optional (configurable) power-saving mode that automatically shuts off the display if the frequency does not change significantly within 15 s.


Type: DIY Kit
Frequency Range: 1Hz-75MHz
50MHz Input Impedance: 1.1M, Parallel with about 10PF
Resolution: Max. 1Hz
Current Consumption: 50mA with 7 to 9V Input Jack
Socket of Input: BNC
Display: Digital LED Display
PCB Size: 80x58mm/3.15x2.28"
Quantity: 1 Set


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Package Contents:

1 Set x Frequency Meter DIY Kit

List Of Materials:
Resistors (0.25 W , 1%):
8 x R1-R8 1 k 
2 x R9, R15 10 k 
1 x R10 100 k 
1 x R11 1 M 
1 x R12 220 
1 x R13 56 k x according to the different batches of C3355, the resistance can change 
1 x R14 470 
1 x C1 470n Polypropylene 
1 x C2 100 p Ceramics 
2 x C3 C5 100n Polypropylene 
1 x C4 47u Electrolytic 
2 x C6, C8 10u Electrolytic 
1 x C7 6-40 p Variable 
2 x C14, C15 22 p Ceramic 
Integrated Circuits:
1 x U1 PIC16F628A (Programmed) + 18pin IC socket 
1 x U2 LM1117-5V SMD 
1 x Q1 C945 
1 x Q2 J310 
1 x Q3 C3355 
6 x D1-D6 1N4148
1 x D7 1N5819 
1 x J1 SIL Socket & header 16Pin
1 x J2 BNC socket
1 x J3 DC_CZ_ZM socket adapter DC
1 x switch button SW1 AN_SW
1 x switch button SW2 SW2X2
1 x 1 Crystal 20 MHz
2 x SG1 7-segment 2-digit display common cathode Red
1 x SG3 7-segment 1-digit display common cathode Red
1 x PCB Main
1 x PCB display
2 x Copper pillar + + Spring screw Washer