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DIY Education Robot

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Product Specification

Model: ST-4WD
Voltage: 6V
Size of Car: 280*180*73mm
Material: Acrylic
Length of board :280mm
Width of board : 150mm
Weight: 672g
1.Mechanical structure is simple,so it is easy to assemble.
2.This car have 4pcs deceleration DC motor,it can corner well.
3.The car comes with speed encoder, cooperate with our speed of photoelectric, can rapidly form a speed measuring system. Can speed, range, form a closed loop system.
4.Can use with other devices to realize function of tracing, obstacle avoidance, distance testing, speed testing, wireless remote control.
5.20 line Speed Encoder, more accurate than 6 or 10 one.
Packaging Included:
2X Car Chassis
4X Deceleration DC Motor
4X Wheels
4X 20 line Speed Encoder
8X Fastener
1X Screw Pack