White 5.0 Inch IPS TYPE-C Secondary Screen Kit CPU GPU RAM HDD Monitoring USB Display Freely AIDA64 for Mini ITX Case Support Raspberry Pi With RGB Breathing Light for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Display Screen

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Product Specification


- No additional power supply is required, and no HDMI is required. Just need a USB data cable
- 5" display with multiple themes
- Support horizontal and vertical screen switching, 360 degree rotation
- Energy saving and environmental protection, automatic shutdown screen
- Comfortable eye protection, stepless adjustment of screen brightness
- One-click operation, change background image, switch theme
- Automatic-start at boot
- Set weather forecast city
- Compared with AIDA64 and other monitoring software, it takes up almost no resources when running
- Visual theme editor, drag your mouse to realize your creativity


- Display area: 110x66mm
- Overall size: 122*78mm
- Resolution: 800x480
- Thickness: 10mm
- Viewing angle: IPS full viewing angle
- Interface: 2x USB-TYPE C.  1X TF
- Shell material: metal

Package Included:

1 x Set of Screen Display kit (optional)

1. How to use:
Connect the mini secondary screen to your computer, and then start our customized software. No need for AIDA 64, no need for other cumbersome settings.

2. Why doesn't the graphics card data move?
Generally speaking, for a notebook user, usually the discrete graphics card is on standby, and only the core display is used to save energy. The secondary screen monitors the more important discrete graphics card, so of course the graphics card monitoring data does not move.

3. Can other content be displayed?
No, it can only display the content set by the customized software.

4. USB interface version
USB1.0, USB2.0, USB3.0 are not limited, as long as it is USB.

Leave professional things to professional software
One-click operation
Change background image with one click
One-click switch theme
Adjust brightness
Auto-start at boot
Set weather forecast city

Package includes:

1 x White 5.0 Inch IPS TYPE-C Secondary Screen kit (optional)