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Disinfection Lamp

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Product Specification

Package includes:
1 * Disinfection lamp
1 * Remote control
1 * User manual

Name: Germicidal Lamp Remote UV Sterilization Quartz Lights
Material: Plastic
Size: 15*15*30cm
Color: Black+white, White(optional)
Sterilization power: 20W
LED night light power: 5W
Sterilization lamp wavelength: 353nm
Plug: US 110V

1. With delay opening function, delay 6 seconds.
2. The remote control function is synchronized with the touch switch function.
Power-on method: US 110V plugs.
Applicable area: 15 square meters
Recommended working time: 15-40 minutes
Instructions for use of the remote control: 1. Red is the off button, 2. The bulb symbol is night light, 15/20/30/40 is the sterilization time.

1. Ultraviolet and ozone design: using ultraviolet and ozone design, double sterilization lamps can clean and disinfect the air, effectively improve the living environment. Ozone is a gas with disinfection function, will not be affected by obstacles, and effectively improves the living environment.
2. Extensive functions: Press the red switch for the first time, the LED night light is on. Press the switch for the second time, the LED night light flashes for 6 seconds, the sterilization lamp function is turned on, and the sterilization lamp turns off automatically after 30 minutes. Press this switch for the third time to turn off all functions.
3. 3 timing time settings: The sterilization lamp has 3 timing time settings: 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes and 40 minutes. Using the remote control timer, different disinfection times can be adjusted as needed. It is effectively disinfected within 15 square meters, and the air is fresh when going out.
4. Applicable occasions: suitable for bedrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, baby rooms, pet rooms, toilets, lofts, offices, factories, schools, restaurants, basements, shopping malls and other places.