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Disinfection Lamp

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Product Specification

UV disinfection box mobile phone mask disinfection disinfection lamp UV sterilization sterilization lamp portable sterilization box



1. Ultraviolet sterilizer-This sterilizer uses bacteria to sterilize ultraviolet target lights in hard-to-reach areas, thereby eliminating bacteria and up to 99.9% of bacteria. Press the cleaning switch to keep the indicator light starting to disinfect; after 10 minutes after the cleaning operation, the machine will automatically stop.

2. The large-scale sterilization space UV sterilizer is compatible with many items, such as masks, clothes, apparel, accessories, glasses, cash, watches, makeup tools, mobile phones, mp3 players, Bluetooth headphones, toothbrushes, toys, pacifiers, glasses, keys , Ideal for jewelry and any other small objects.

3. Portable sterilizer-Our phone sterilizer is stylish, ergonomic and compact in design, so it can be carried wherever you are. In particular, this mobile phone sterilizer has a power storage function, you can use the product cover to sterilize whether you are on the road or on the road.

4. The choice of gifts-packed in a stylish box, it is an ideal gift for bacterial phobia, and an essential gadget for anyone who cares about hygiene. It is also the perfect gift for bacterial phobia in life. The best holiday Christmas gift for father, family and father friend.



Power: 1W

Ultraviolet wavelength: 253.7nm

Power supply: USB power supply

Appearance material: ABS

Boot time: long press 0.5 seconds

Automatic shutdown: 10 minutes

Charging time: half an hour

Power storage time: 3 hours

Product size: 200mm * 90mm * 46.5mm



1 * Mobile phone sterilization box

1 * USB



-It is recommended to use the original power cord. power cords may affect the disinfection power supply and cause abnormal operation. It is recommended to use matching suitable input power.

-If there are any problems with the product, it is recommended to contact our customer service first, we will help you solve them in time, thank you