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Disinfection Lamp

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Product Specification

Portable home ultraviolet disinfection lamp UV household portable sterilization lamp in addition to mite ultraviolet disinfection



Ø The ultraviolet lamp can provide 30 times the sunlight irradiation power. It can be used for beds, rooms, surfaces of objects or any other places that need to be disinfected! There is no bad smell.

Ø Working process: When the light is on, you will smell a special smell. This odor comes from harmful UVC rays and burns particles in the air. Just like the summer sun, this is a normal working phenomenon.

Ø Widely used: all-round UVC cleaning lamp: can be used for quilt, pillow, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, school, factory, office, etc.

Ø Reminder: Do not let your eyes and skin touch the bulb when the bulb is working! Must leave the room. You also need to turn off the bulb before approaching the bulb.



Lamp bead category: short wave ultraviolet

Lamp beads: 12 ultraviolet lamp beads

Shape diameter: diameter 120 * 90mm

Rated power: 36W

Safety protection: avoid exposure to human body

Colour: Black

Voltage: 100-240V

Power cord: 1.2m

Light wavelength: 253.7nm

Sterilization rate: 99.99%



1 * lamp

Please click HERE for User Manual.



1. During work, do not expose eyes and skin to light! !! !! You have to leave the room. (Including pets). In addition, before approaching the bulb, you need to turn off the bulb! !! !!

2. Before the lamp starts to work, you may smell a special burning smell in the air. That is the smell of harmful burning particles in the air. do not worry.