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Disinfection Lamp

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Product Specification

ABS material stable, durable and long-lasting use.
10 seconds rapid sterilization, sterilization rate 99%
Adapter power, quick disinfection.
Ultraviolet rays directly destroy the DNA of bacteria and destroy all bacteria.

Voltage: 3V
Battery capacity: 200mAh
Charging method: USB charging
Wavelength: 260-280nm
Appearance size: 120x30x21.5 (mm)

Product usage:
Cosmetics, makeup brushes, make up, manicure, shaving kit, sterilization hair products, daily life provides sterilization, denture, dental disinfection, sterilization packaging travel supplies, sterilization sex toys, etc.

1.Boot: Press 3S
2.Put items under light
3.Moving light (irradiation time is between 10-20s) 

Package included:
1x Sterilizer Machine
1x USB Charging Cable
1x User Manual