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Disinfection Lamp

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Product Specification


*The principle of ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization is to use high energy UVC ultraviolet lightIt breaks the DNA and RNA double strands to kill bacteria.

*This product is powered by USB interface. Conventional mobile phone charger with USB interface,Charging treasure can be used, convenient and free

*When using lamps and lanterns, keep the disinfection area without pets, children with caution.

*Irradiation time more than 150s is appropriate,to effectively kill bacteria.

*When using as close as possible door window, turn off lamplight, assure ultraviolet ray to kill bacterium action.

*The product positioning for light and safe, low power consumption energy-saving products are mainly used inDaily life of small items sterilization, such as: car,pet,masks,Toothbrushes, mobile phones, bottles and so on.

*When using, pay attention not to direct or long eyes,do not illuminate the skin, avoid ultravioletLine damage


Unit Power(W):3W/5W


Package Included:

1XDisinfection Lamp