5W/7W/9W/11W/13W UVC Ozone Germicidal Lamp Ultraviolet Sterilizer Disinfection Tube Light US Plug AC110V for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Disinfection Lamp

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Product Specification

UV Ozone disinfection lamp, sterilization, sterilization efficiency up to 99%
This lamp can easy kill bacterias include: mold, Staphylococcus aureus, E.coli,, influenza , etc. Ultraviolet light will break them down into water and oxygen.
Wide irradiation range, high efficiency, no odor of disinfectant, safe and no pollution
Lightweight and convenient hand-held design can sterilize the required area at any time.
Various uses,bedroom, quilt, pillow, bath towel, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, HVAC duct, Garage, factory, office, school, workshop, etc.

Type:UV Light Bulb
Disinfection mode: UV + ozone
Voltage: AC110V
Power:5W, 7W, 9W, 11W, 13W
Color Temperature: 1500-2000K
Light Color: ultraviolet
Use Method: Handheld
Power Adapter: US Plug
Material:Tungsten wire, electronic powder,plastic

UVC Ray is harmful to eyes and skin, don't look at the lamp when it 's light up. People/pet/plants can`t expose to the light . After use, because the lamp killed a lot of bacteria in the room, please open the windows and doors, allow the room to ventilate 15 minutes then enter.

Using instructions:
1. It is recommended to use UV disinfection for 30-60 minutes each time
2. It is recommended to open the window for half an hour after each sterilization
3. After repeated use of the UV lamp, it is recommended to wipe the lamp with a rag to maintain the germicidal effect of the UV lamp.

Package included:
1x Handheld Sterilizer
2x Sucker Clip