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Disinfection Lamp

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Product Specification


Rated voltage: 5V

Power mode: USB

Rated power: 10W

Rated frequency: 125 (Hz)

Operation mode: mechanical

Timing function: no timing


Mask sterilization takes only 3 minutes, LED UV disinfection black technology, aerospace sterilization technology.

Small household sterilizers, or family sterilizers.

With its own power supply, it can be sterilized 180 times by charging once, which solves the problem of being unable to carry disinfection.

Compact and portable, foldable.

Effectively destroy the bacterial DNA activity, deep kill all kinds of bacteria, kill 99.9% harmful bacterial.

There is no dead Angle in the 360° cycle. Ultraviolet rays destroy the DNA structure of the bacterial, destroy bacteria and achieve the purpose of sterilization and disinfection.

Built-in battery, a charge, can complete 180 times of sterilization, twice a day, usable for 3 months.

Package included:

1 x Disinfector host

1 x Portable disinfection box

1 x Micro USB charging cable