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Product Specification


This Latest 28" Vinyl Cutting Plotter Machine comes with easy-to-use Design and Artcut Software, which allows you to cut professional customized designs and signs with your cutting machines, giving you the ability to use your fonts, import custom artwork, and draw your own shapes! It Works great for advertising industry, car beauty industry, fashion design, etc.
In this version, if you have an image that has many colors in it, you can easily isolate each color and cut them separately.
Print and cut capability (contour cutting) for this new28"Vinyl Cutting Plotter 3D-shadow (drop-shadow feature)
Works with your installed TrueType and OpenType fonts
Works with thousands of free TrueType Fonts including Dingbat/Wingding Fonts
Import various file formats, including SVG and PDF
Drawing tools to draw and edit shapes
Weld overlapping letters and shapes together
Select styles, including shadow and blackout, to change the look of your letters and shapes with just a few clicks
Auto-tracing feature to automatically convert images for cutting
Cut & Simple Print
Free technical support and access to professionally made video training series
Pentium processor-based PC or compatible computer (Windows)
Windows XP/Vista/Windows 10
NOT compatible with Mac when used with this cutter.


1. The casing of the cutting plotter is made of aluminum
2. The motherboard adopts dual CPU control, original IC chip, stable performance
3. The drive adopts stepping subdivision motor, with high power and fast speed
4. Origin positioning, emergency stop function, adjustable during operation,
5. Widescreen English (Chinese can contact customer service) LCD display, easy to operate, low noise
6. Adapt to various specifications of paper,
7. Fast engraving speed, curve engraving does not slow down
8. Adjustable pressing wheel, long-distance paper without deviation, unlimited paper length, reverse paper function
9. With internal memory, it is very convenient to continue engraving by pulling off the signal line.
10. Built-in regulated switching power supply, wide applicable voltage range
11. LCD Chinese (English) display screen to adjust parameters.
12. The circuit design makes the machine run stably and reliably.
13. The mechanical structure of the design and manufacture will not be deformed even when small characters are engraved.


Size: 28"
Comparison-Notes: Higher quality than MH Series.
Driving Method: Stepper Motor
Cables included: Serial cable, USB cable, power cable
Interface: Serial Port & USB2.0
Max Cutting Width: 620mm
Max Pressure: 10-500 grams
Max Speed: 10-800mm/sec
Memory: 1MB-Recyclable
Number of Pinch Rollers: Three (3)
Power Requirements: 110-220V AC 50/60Hz
Repetition Accuracy: 0.005IN (0.127 MM)
Resolution: 0.001Inch/step (0.0254mm/step)
Contour Cutting: Yes.
Packing size: 100 x 42 x 33cm
Package weight: 19KG

Application range:

1. The computer carving machine can be used in the wall sticker industry in the current market to engrave various patterns of flowers, grass, animals, branches, etc.
2. In the banner printing industry, it is used to engrave transfer paper, silk screen, etc.
3. The output device used for drawing in the garment processing industry can replace the plotter.
4. The sandblasting and engraving industry is used to engrave special film for sandblasting. This product is suitable for advertising production, light box production, woven bag printing, reflective film engraving, CAD sketching, 3M reflective film engraving, mobile beauty stickers, car stickers, timely stickers, dust-proof cloth engraving, banner production, exhibition board production, Glass sandblasting and so on.
5. The cutting plotter cannot cut 0.8mm thick rubber-like materials
6. Compatible with: Flexi, Signlab, signcur, ArtCut, WinPCSign, CoreDraw support these software

Package included:

1 x 28" Cutting Plotter
1 x User's Manual
1 x Artcut Software
1 x Power Cord
1 x Serial Cable
1 x Blades Holder
1 x Pen Holder
1 x 3" Driver CD
1 x Stand
3 x Blades