OWON XDM1241 USB Digital Multimeter 55000 Counts Universal Desktop Multimeters Meter with 3 5 inch TFT LCD Screen for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Digital Multimeters & Oscilloscope

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Product Specification


[TFT LCD Screen] 3.5-inch 480*320 high resolution TFT LCD screen with backlight, 55,000 counts, DC voltage accuracy up to 0.05%, dual line display supported, providing a clear and precise display.
[Fast Measurement] Up to 65 readings per second, fast & accuracy.
[User-friendly Interface] With an easy-to-use interface that displays results in form of a table, you can access, store, process and manage your data.
[Data Record Function] Including manual record and auto record. Both records share a table of data stored in internal storage. The maximum number of recorded points is 1,000. After collecting the data, it can be exported to your computer, and you can read and process the recorded data with the computer.
[Temperature Measurement] It can cooperate with K-type temperature probe (NOT included) for temperature measurement.
[Replaceable Fuse] Anti-burn design, safe and reliable. The line fuse is in the plastic fuse box below the power line input on the rear panel. Equipped with spare fuse, more convenient and cost-effective to replace the fuse.
[Multiple Measurements] DC voltage / current measurement, AC voltage / current measurement, frequency, resistance, capacitance, True RMS, diode on-off test, continuity and temperature.


Material: ABS
Color: White
Display: 3.5-inch TFT LCD (480*320 resolution)
Max. Display: 55,000 counts
DC Voltage: 50mV~1000V
AC Voltage: 500mV~750V
DC Current: 500μA~10A
AC Current: 500μA~10A
Resistance: 500Ω~50MΩ
Frequency: 10Hz~60MHz
Capacitance: 50nF~50mF
Diode: 3.000V
Continuity: 1000Ω
Temperature: K type, PT100 (K-type temperature probe is NOT included.)
Data Logging Duration: 15ms~9999.999s
Data Logging Length: 1,000 points
Warm-up Time: 30 minutes
Programming Language: Standard SCPI, compatible with commands of mainstream multimeters.

Charging: USB type-c or DC5V direct
Item Size: Approx. 20*8.8*6.5cm / 7.87*3.46*2.56in
Item Weight: Approx. 405g / 14.29oz
Package Size: Approx. 24.5*17*8cm / 9.65*6.69*3.15in
Package Weight: Approx. 869g / 30.65oz

Package Included:

1 * Digital Multimeter
1 * Pair of Test Leads
2 * Alligator Clip
1 * DC to USB Cable
1 * Users Manual(English)

Note: Please read the Users Manual carefully to avoid injury and damage to this product.

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