JDS6031S 50M 200MSa/S Portable Digital Storage HandHeld Oscilloscope with Signal Generator for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Digital Multimeters & Oscilloscope

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Product Specification



Channel ------- 1
Bandwidth -------- 50MHz
Real-time sampling --------- 200MSa/s
Single channel memory depth ------- 4Kpts
Input coupling ------- AC, DC
Input Impedance------- 1MΩ 25pF
Maximum input voltage ------- Probe: 40V (probe X1); 400V (probe X10); In addition, a high-voltage probe is required to measure 2kv.
Probe attenuation ------- 1X, 10X
Set the probe attenuation factor ------- 1X, 10X, 100X
Sampling mode ------- real-time sampling (10ns-50ms)/scanning sampling (100ms-5s)
Vertical sensitivity -------- 10mV-5V (Probe 1X) 100mV-50V (probe 10X) (1,2.5,5 steps)
Vertical Accuracy ------- +/-3%
Vertical Resolution------- 8bit
Horizontal scanning range------- 10nS/div-5S/div(1,2.5,5 steps)
Trigger Mode------- Auto, Normal and Single
Trigger Type------- Rising Edge, Falling Edge
Auto detect------- support (50Hz-30MHz)
Cursor measurement --------- Support time and voltage cursor measurement

Signal generator:

Waveform ------------- Square iwave, sine wave, DC.
Frequency---------- 1Hz - 40KHz
Amplitude------------ 5V(Max -+2.5V),
Offseit----------Max -+2.5V
Square iwave duty cycle------- 0% - 100% (minimum resolution 1%)
Display --------- 3.2 inch, 16-bit color, TFT, 320 * 240
Size -------- 195*99*39(mm)
Battery option--------- It is recommended to buy 18650 lithium battery