ANENG SZ08 Ultra thin Split LCD Digital Multimeter Tester with Stowable Test Pen AC/DC 220V Professional Multimetro Auto Voltmeter Resistance Tester Tool for Sale with BTC on


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Digital Multimeters & Oscilloscope

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Product Specification


Brand Name: ANENG
Model Number: SZ08
Display (LCD): 1999 Counts
Material: ABS+TPE
Ranging: Auto/Manual
Frequency: 2kHz/200kH
AC voltage Range: 0~750V; Resolution: 100uV〜1V
DC voltage Range: 0~1000V; Resolution: 100uV〜1V
AC current: 0~10A;  Resolution: 1uA~10mA
DC current: 0~10A; Resolution: 0.1uA~10mA
Diode: YES
Continuity: YES
Data Hold: YES
Power: 2 * 1.5V AAA batteries(Not Included)
Auto Power Off: YES
Low Battery Indication: YES
Operating temperature: 0~40°C
Storage temperature: -20~60°C
Test lead length: 74cm/29.1 in
Product Size: 179.5 x 80.3 x 42.7 x 15mm / 7.06 x 3.16 x 1.68 x  0.6in
Weight: 166.5g


1. Do NOT exceed the maximum value indicated in the Specification;
2. Do NOT input voltage at the Current Mode, the Resistance Mode, the Diode Mode, the Continuity Mode, or the Temperature Mode;
3. Do NOT use the product when the batteries or the battery cover is not placed properly;
4. Turn off the product and remove the test leads from the test points before changing batteries or fuses.
5. Do not input voltage exceeds 36V DC or 25V AC when you are at the setting of measuring current.

Package Included:

1 x Multimeter (Not included battery)
2 x Test lead
1 x User Manual