4-20mA 24V High Precise Professional Adjustable Digital Signal Generator Sources Current Voltage Analog Simulator for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Digital Multimeters & Oscilloscope

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Product Specification


WZ_SIGNAL signal generator is mainly used for debugging of industrial field PLC, process instrumentation, electric valve and so forth. It’s easy to use with a friendly Chinese character operation interface. The signal generator is small and light but has a long standby time and high precision.


Internal reverse and overcurrent protection, 30V protection voltage.
Built-in one single 3.7V lithium battery power supply; the using time varies, based on the usage (It can be more than 6 hours with 20mA continuous output).
With internal battery voltage hint, (UV light)when the undervoltage light is on, please turn off the charging.
Do not use for a long time, please charge once every two months.
Charge with micro USB.
Operating temperature range 0-50 degrees Celsius.
Custom Function:
In order to facilitate on-site debugging, the upper and lower limits of the output signal can be set according to the requirements of the equipment. The active 4-20mA output upper and lower limits, passive 4-20mA output upper and lower limits, and 0-12V output upper and lower limits can be set separately, and this function can be freely put on and off for field application.

Automatic Output Function:
This function can automatically change the output mode according to the program. It can be automatically output only by setting the parameters, which is used for aging and automatic testing of valves and other equipment.
This function consists of the following parts: automatic mode, cycle number, initial value, incremental value, decrement value, incremental time, decrement time, starting point delay, endpoint delay, and end value. For active current, passive current, and voltage output, there are separate setting parameters to facilitate the setting of various output signals.

VC Conversion Function:
This function is mainly used for some temporary voltage and current conversion, such as converting 0-10V input to 4-20mA output.
VC active conversion: converts the voltage signal input into an active current signal output VC passive conversion: converts the voltage signal input into a passive current signal output
C-V conversion: converts the current input signal into a voltage signal output
The function rules consist of several parts: VC conversion switch, conversion mode, voltage upper limit, voltage lower limit, current upper limit, current lower limit, and overrange.


Name: Signal Generator
Active current output: range: 0-24mA; resolution: 0.01mA; maximum load: 750Ω
Passive current output: range: 0-24mA; resolution: 0.01mA; external power supply up to 30V.
Voltage output: range: 0-12V; resolution: 0.01V; maximum current 30mA
24V voltage output: drive current: 24mA.
Current input measurement: range: 0-24mA; resolution: 0.01mA; input impedance: 100Ω
Voltage input measurement: range: 0-30V; resolution: 0.01V; input impedance: 2.5MΩ
Operating environment: 0°C-50°C
Protection voltage: 30V
Item size: 90 x 70 x 28mm / 3.54 x 2.76 x 1.10in
Package size: 150 x 100 x 80mm / 5.91 x 3.94 x 3.15in
Package weight: 160g / 5.64ounce

Package included:

1 x Signal Generator
3 x Test Cable