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Desktop & Off-Surface Shelves

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Product Specification

Material: Carbon steel
Color: Black
Layer: 1/2/3/4/5 Layers
1 Layers: 20x34x27cm/7.87x13.38x10.62in
2 Layers: 40x34x27cm/15.7x13.38x10.62in
3 Layers: 60x34x27cm/23.62x13.38x10.62in
4 Layers:80x34x27cm/31.49x13.38x10.62in
5 Layers: 100x34x27cm/39.37x13.38x10.62in
Application: Kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc. 

- Snap design, convenient and stable
- With wheels, can be placed on the ground, with a base, can be placed on the table
- Free combination, convenient storage
- Waterproof, not easy to rust
- Strong bearing capacity
- Simple installation

Package Included:
1 x Layers Shelf
4 x Universal Wheels