600ML Oral Irrigator Dental Water Flosser Tooth Cleaner Plaque Remover Gums Massage Tools

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Dental Flosser

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Product Specification


--Improve health of gums exceeding, reduce Gingivitis

--Clean coating, remove oral malodor, keep Fresh Breath

--Remove plaque function where dental floss hard to reach

--Take out annoyance of cleaning teeth by orthopedic patient

--Prevent decayed tooth, gingivitis, calculus, periodontitis effectively

--Massage and stimulate gums effectively, accelerate blood circulation



Item Name: Oral irrigator

Model: VL-1506

Tips: 7 Pieces

Voltage: AC110-220V

Working Method: Pulsation

Pressure Range: 30-125PSI

Water Tank: 600ML

Cable Length:1.2M

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Packing Size: 193x125x230mm


Package Included

1x Oral Irrigator Base

1x Water Tank  

1x Tips Storage Box

7x Tips

1x Quick Start Guide

1x User Manual