Aluminum Alloy Portable PVC PPR Pipe Cutter Hose Ratchet Action Up To 63mm Tube for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


Material: Aluminum alloy + #95 Manganese Steel
Color: Dark Grey
Total Length: 25cm /9.84in
Blade Thickness: 2.5mm /0.1in
Cutting Diameter Range: 20-63mm(0.79-2.48in)


Cuts up to 20-63mm OD tubing.
Mainly used for cutting PPR or PVC hose.
Replaceable steel blade by taking a wrench and unscrew the nail.
Non-slip handles are comfortable and powerful to hold, a lock at the end for safe storage.
The blade adopts a spring design with high strength and good toughness to cut easily and smoothly.
The self-locking ratchet action cuts off smoothly, small effort, and the self-locking adjustment is not easy to rebound.

Package included:

1 x Pipe Cutter