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Product Specification


- Growth type long moment turbine. The 96mm large-diameter wind wheel, driven by a single turbocharger, produces a larger air volume, and the design of oblique blades makes the air supply smoother and heat dissipation faster.
- Fast heat dissipation. With strong wind, the temperature of the laptop can be dropped by 15ÂdegresC.
- Quiet heat dissipation. Quiet enough to ignore its existence.
- Three levels of height adjustment. The height of the stand can be adjusted in three levels, changing your perspective and finding the most comfortable office posture.
- Adjustable speed and high power. High-power fan, the motor speed can reach 2500Âmore or less10% 6RPM, and the fan speed can be adjusted at will to cool down in time.
- Equipped with power supply cord. USB interface, power supply anywhere, anytime.


Brand: IIano
Model: Q2
Product Type: Multi-function radiator
Color: cold black
Material: aluminum alloy + engineering plastics
Power cord length: 80cm (without connector)
Size: 38×28.3×10cm
Weight: 850g (Âmore or less5g)

Package Content:

1 x Laptop Cooling Pad