Laptop Cooling Pads 4 Fans 3 Levels Of Lifting USB Port Air Cooling Noiseless Stand For 17 inches and Below Laptops for Sale with BTC on


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Cooling Pads & Stands

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Product Specification


Material: Metal + Plastic
Bearing type: oil bearing
Speed: 800
Cooling method: air cooling
Number of heat pipes: none
USB interface: 2
Color: red, blue
Fan speed: 800 ± 10% RPM
Scope of application: 17 inches and below laptops
Size: 420 * 305 * 30mm


- Ergonomic design. 3 levels of lifting to create a comfortable visual angle for players and correct use of computer posture.
- Low noise and high efficiency, using four 14cm red light silent fans, the fan speed can reach 1000RPM, taking away the heat at the bottom of the notebook while providing you with a quiet work and entertainment environment.
- Stepless speed switch design, can freely adjust the fan speed to meet the needs of different degrees of heat dissipation, the operation is quieter.
- The fan position on the back is designed with a hollowed-out game, specially designed for gamers.
- Ventilated iron mesh design, no paint, no fading, good heat conduction and heat dissipation performance.
- The dual USB can be connected to a computer or a charging device, can charge electronic devices, and can be stored by external devices.
- Compatible with laptops 17 inches and below, providing a comfortable user experience.

Package included:

1 x Laptop Cooler
1 x USB Cable