ICE COOREL Laptop Cooling Pads Laptop Stand 5 Portable Adjustable Modes 6 Kinds Fan Speeding Choices Noiseless Design For 17 inch below Laptop for Sale with BTC on


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Cooling Pads & Stands

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Product Specification


*It can be folded and lifted, so that you can handle the long-time use of computer, protect your neck, so that your cervical vertebra can be comfortably relaxed.

*The product has two large fans, makes sure your laptop keep cooling while working or playing.

*Offer 6 modes fans speed and 5 lifting smodes to adjust.

*Provides two modes fans speed to be changhed, depends on your actual needs.

*Suitable for 17 inch or below laptop with two USB ports.


Product Name: ICE COORELCooling Laptop Stand
Material:Aluminum alloy
Color: Black,white


Color Black: without fans speed adjustment

Color White: 6 modes fans speed adjustment

Function: foldable, liftable, Cooling, USB Connection
Weight: 0.91 kg
Sutitable: 17 inch below laptop
Fans speed: 1400+15%RPM

Size: 36.3 cm * 26.0 cm * 3.2 cm

Package Included:

1x Laptop Stand
(NOT including other things in the pictures)