Gaming Laptop Cooler Radiator Cooling Stand Pad 2 Fans USB Adjustable Lifting Bracket Base for 17 Inch Notebook Suohuang SH 009SR

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Cooling Pads Stands

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Product Specification


- Brand: Suohuang

- Model: SH-009SR

-  Color: black

- Material: aluminum

- Size: 459 x 289 x 50mm

- Angle: adjustable in four gears

- Style: bule light, red light

- Scope of application: suitable for laptops below 17.3 inches


- Four gear adjustable angle, support a variety of work, game environment, enjoy it, give you a comfortable viewing angle

- All of them adopt copper core coil motors with up to 4000 rpm, which bring strong wind force and speed up the flow

- The two turbofans combine with aerodynamics to enhance the air circulation and take away more heat from the laptop body

- It is made of special aluminum material through stamping, grinding, sand blasting and oxidation, forming the space metal shell texture

Package Includes:

1 x Laptop cooler