3 3V 1Pcs 5V TTL Bi directional Level Converter Board for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Converter Board

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Product Specification


2 channels of high-voltage logi1c and low-voltage logi1c bilateral switching
2-channel of high-voltage lo1gic switch low voltage lo1gic  into unitary transforma
Size: 15.5mm x 16mm x 11.5mm
Module is compatible with the breadboard, it can be put on the breadboard directly


High Voltage: 5V
Low Voltage: 3.3V
GND for negative power
5V TTL RXI input, 3.3V TTL RXO output
TXI input/output of 3.3 V TTL, TXO input/output 5 V TTL, TXI and TXO bilateral switching

Note: It is not soldered.

Package included:

1 x Log1ic Level Converter