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Product Specification

Name: Double Head Fireplace Fan
Color :black
Materials: anodizing aluminum
Range of Working Temperature: 122°F~662°F(50℃~350℃)
Air Volume Range: 160-220
Wind Speed Range: 1000-1600rpm
Noise: ≤25db
Number of Blade: 8

Package Included
1 x Double Head Fireplace Fan
1 x Manual

-The bracket and base of the furnace fan are treated with anodized aluminum, which can withstand high temperatures up to 752°F (400°C), and will not deform or discolor even after working for a long time at high temperatures.
-The fan base is equipped with a bimetallic safety device. If the surface temperature exceeds 250°C, the safety device will gently lift the front of the fan to protect the TEG and motor.
-The improved hot air circulation of high-temperature self-generation can bring greater comfort, and the use of stove wood is reduced by about 28%.
-Low noise, self-generation, no battery or electricity, low temperature start, save fuel, enjoy heat from the stove faster.
-Accelerate the rise of hot air and the fall of cold air, so that the room temperature is uniform and comfortable.
-It helps to improve the heat energy from the fireplace to circulate and circulate more quickly.
-Simple and stylish design, simple wind blades can drive large thermal wind.
-Helps hot air to be more evenly distributed throughout the room.
-Line start, adjust speed and stop.

Working Principle
The thermoelectric module in the fireplace fan acts as a small generator to drive the motor of the fan, so the drive/operation of the fireplace fan does not require batteries or electricity. The fireplace fan is placed on the mantel, and uses the temperature/heat energy on the mantel to generate electricity and drive the fireplace fan. The rotation speed of the fan depends on the combustion temperature in the mantel. The higher the temperature of the stove, the faster the rotation speed. When the stove temperature is so low that the fire is extinguished, the rotation speed of the fireplace fan slows down until it stops rotating. The normal working temperature is 50°C to 350°C.

-Before using the fan, please check whether the fan is damaged. If the fan is damaged during transportation, please do not use or install the fan.
-When the fan is working normally, please keep children away from the fan.
-Do not touch any part of the fan when you are working. If you want to move or carry the fan, please do not move the fan until it stops working and has cooled down.
-When the temperature exceeds 250 degrees, the bimetal heat insulation device at the bottom of the fan will automatically bend and tilt to protect it back.
-This product cannot be burned on an open flame, nor is it used for built-in stoves or stoves with other insulated top designs. Use this product with a free-standing stove, or place the stove fan on the smooth flat surface of the stove top, near the side or back of the chimney.
-The furnace fan is designed for independent stove, and the surface temperature of the furnace is between (80℃-400℃). Temperatures above this range may damage the fan and generator set and invalidate your warranty.