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Product Specification

bluetooth 4.0 Quick Connect     
Support for iOS Android dual platform                   
Dual USB ports support all kinds of mouse and keyboard
Support iOS system bluetooth direct connection mode
The iOS system also detects and matches mobile phone players.
After connecting the mobile phone via Q1, you can connect to the USB keyboard and mouse to control the mobile game and enjoy the computer game experience
Flymaping button cloud mapping. Multi-point rendering of high-speed mappings per second.
One-click equipment, one-click to open the sight, more macro functions waiting for you to experience
Support mouse 7 button                                                                       
Flydigi Lab tested and passed thousands of mobile phones and mouse perfectly compatible with your phone
Preset computer end game shooting game key                      
Flydigi officially presets the standard computer terminal navigation buttons for major shooting mobile games. the game is quick to get started, and you can freely adjust the keys
Mouse algorithm optimization. Aiming, pressure shooting is easier
Q1's second USB interface is  Flymagic interface, which has an activation button mapping function in addition to extending the mouse-and-none connection.Mouse extension- After activating the mapping, the odd interface can be used to connect a keyboard and mouse to enjoy the computer-side gaming experience. Map activation-  Flymagic interface connects to the Andriod phone or pad, and the Q1 automatically recognizes the gamepad to activate the button mapping (the iOS device does not need to be activated).
Size:  64 x 60 x 15mm
Mobile phone holder with Q1, adjustable in multiple files, free to choose a comfortable viewing angle
Package Included:
1 x Keyboard Mouse Converter
1 x USB Data Cable
1 x Holder Bracket for Phone
1 x User Manual