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Product Specification

Technical Specifications:
Color: Black
Material: ABS
1# 290*210*100MM (11.4*8.3*3.9in)
2# 263*182*95MM (10.4*7.23.7in)
3# 120*120*90MM (4.7*4.7*3.5in)
4# 115*90*55MM (4.5*3.5*2.2in)
5# 100*68*50MM (3.9*2.7*2in)

1. Made of ABS material. Sturdy and terrific for making those DIY projects. Easy to drill and shape openings for many items like meters, sockets, LEDs and so on.
2. Many screw holes inside in various places. If wanted to make one to go in it, such as attaching a board, there would be no problem mounting it.
3. Solid construction and IP65 waterproof rating to protect against dust, corrosion and splashing water.
4. Ideal for electronic projects, instrument enclosure, power supply units, temperature controller box, etc.

Package Contents:
1x Enclosure Box