60pcs 2 3 5 Holes Universal Mini Fast Wire Connector Conductor Terminal Block PCT 212 PCT 213 PCT 215 for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

Name:60Pcs Universal Fast Wire Connector
Material of Insulation:nylon+PA66
Contact Material:phosphor copper
Wire Cross Section:0.08 - 2.5mm2(single hard wire);0.08 - 4mm2(multi soft wire)
Rated Current:24A
Rated Voltage:400V
Rated Impulse Voltage:4KV

-Break the shortcomings of traditional wiring methods, such as troublesome wiring, easy leakage, easy corrosion and fire.
-The use of high-quality copper core, large load, small resistivity, good conductivity, stable and reliable wiring.
-High temperature resistance and high melting point, good flame retardant material for the shell.
-It can completely help you eliminate the electrical connection security risks. 
-Snap handle, without tools, open the handle, put the wire and press it.
-It is safe and transparent visible, and easy to use, just plug directly.

Package Included
30 x PCT-212 Fast Wire Connector
20 x PCT-213 Fast Wire Connector
10 x PCT-215 Fast Wire Connector

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