6Pcs/set Anti static Cleaning Brush Set Small Portable Plastic Handle Anti Static Brushes Tweezers Computer Keyboard Car Cleaning Brush Kit for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Computer Peripherals

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Product Specification


- The handle and brush are made of anti-static materials, which will not generate static electricity during use, and are not easy to damage electronic components, etc.
- Anti-static brush material, the brush is neat and tidy, and it is not easy to shed hair when used
- The tweezers are comfortable to hold, the head is tight, the clamping is easy, and the small objects can be grasped
- Wide variety of brushes, different bristles hardness & sizes for different tasks all the time
- Good for cleaning the heat sink and fan on laptop, pcb, mechanical keyboard, camera, sewing machine, shaver head, electronic devices
- This computer cleaning kit gets rid of the dust bunnies and crumbs in your keyboard, goes really well with an air blower or compressed air or power duster


Type: Anti-static cleaning brush set
Model: JSD-664
Type: Anti-static brushes
Color: Black
Brush material: PA
Handle material: PP
Function: Dust removal
Purpose: clean computer keyboard, notebook dust
Net weight: 58g
Quantity: 6-piece combo set
Toothbrush handle brush: 169x30x16mm
Straight handle brush: 141x34x26mm
Oblate handle brush: 151x15x24mm
Gourd handle brush: 138x4x18mm
Round handle brush: 122x8x18mm
Tweezers: 117x6.5x26mm

Package Content:

1 x 6-piece anti-static cleaning brush set