SpeedCruiser 550W PC Power Supply ATX Computer Case Chassis Power Supply for Intel AMD GT 750WS

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Product Specification


◆ Strong compatibility. Fully compatible with AMD/Intel processors, supporting various game graphics cards
◆ PS-ON switch button. Unique PS-ON intelligent detection circuit, when the AC is powered on, you can tell whether the fan is running by lightly pressing the switch and not letting go, then you can know whether the power supply is working normally
◆ Low noise and high performance. Built-in 12M temperature-controlled fan with large air volume, hydraulic silent bearing, it will only start to run heat dissipation when power is needed. This is the reason why GT-750WS has zero noise at medium and low loads and provides 85% conversion energy.
◆ A good helper for game players. The +12V output power is 550w, and the total power accounts for 93%. It meets the needs of daily gamers and can easily cope with the Rx580 graphics card.
◆ Increase EMI anti-interference circuit design, intelligent cooling technology, dual 12V output circuit, in line with Intel ATX 12V version 2.31. Server SSI FPS 12V version 2.8 specification. Support Intel, AMD platform. 


- Model: GT-750WS
- Applicable type: desktop computer
- Power standard: ATX 12V 2.31
- Applicable CPU range: INTEL, AMD i7, i9 multi-core
- Rated power: above 550W
- Product weight: 1.8kg
- 80 PLUS certification: gold medal
- Whether to support multiple 12V: support
- Number of graphics card 12V ports: 8PIN+2x6PIN
- Number of D-type interfaces: 2
- CPU power supply interface: 8PIN+4PIN
- Number of SATA ports: 4

Package included:

- 1 x PC Power Supply