Jonsbo M2-3 M.2 2280 SSD Hard Disk Aluminum Heat Sink with Thermal Pad for Desktop PC Computer Cooling System Accessories

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Product Specification


◆ All-aluminum + anode sandblasting, with 45 ° inclined wind guide structure, more fit the chassis air duct, quickly take away the heat of SSD, mini size brings better compatibility
◆ Diversion-type all-aluminum heat sink with built-in thermal conductive silicone pad, which conducts heat quickly and avoids overheating and slowing down the SSD.
◆ The surface has been treated with anode sand blasting to prevent corrosion and rust, and it is not easy to be soiled.
◆ Not only the top can dissipate heat, but the stripe line at the bottom can dissipate heat too, which can quickly take away the heat.


Material: Aluminum alloy
Color: Grey / Red
Cooling method: Drainage passive cooling
Size: 73x24.4x9.6mm/2.87*0.96*0.38"
Applicable type: M.2 interface 2280 specification solid state drive, only for single-sided chip particle hard drives

Package includes:

1 x SSD Heat Sink 
2 x Thermal Pad