800W 110/220V PC Power Supply Passive PFC Power Supply 120MM RGB fan PC Computer Gaming Power Supply EMI Temperature Control for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


Applicable type: PC Power Supply
PFC type: passive PFC                                     
Rated power: 800W
Voltage: 110/220V
Diameter of the fan: 12cm 
Adapter: US/ EU plug 
Light effect: red light/ blue light 
Length of the cable:120cm /47.3inch 
Protection: over voltage / overloading / over temperature /short circuit ?protection


red light( US plug )
blue light( US plug )
red light( EU plug )
blue light ( EU plug )


20+4p, 2ide, 4sata, 2*6+2p, 1*p8 
12cm band lamp noise reduction fan, RGB fan high-end atmosphere, reduce power noise, effective cooling, intelligent temperature control circuit.
Lengthen wire, line back. Power extension wire support all high-end graphics CARDS, 240V adequate power supply.
Durable output, strong power. Meeting the needs of medium and high video CARDS, electromagnetic interference,more stable power output performance.
More stable outstanding, lasting game power.
Adhere to good circuit design, can adapt to a higher voltage range. At the same time, the utilization rate of main electric energy is higher, the output is more stable, effective energy saving.
Intelligent temperature control, quiet operation, give you a more comfortable gaming experience.

Package included:

1* PC power supply
1*cable (with plug) 
1* package box