550W PC Power Mute Wear-resisting 12V ATX Computer Case Host Power Supply

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Product Specification

Name: PC Power Supply
Appearance size: 14 * 15 * 8.6cm
Power standard: ATX 12V 1.3
Applicable CPU range: A all
PFC type: Passive PFC
Rated power: 550W
Voltage: 110-230V
Wire configuration: motherboard interface 24pin, cpu interface 4pin, graphics interface 6pin to 6pin, hard drive interface 2IDE

- Beautiful and durable, low loss.
- Stable performance, strong and durable wire, long service life.
- CPU multi-thread performance, strong power, long-lasting output, durable, high efficiency and high conversion.
- Widely used in the startup of computers and servers, the mining power supply has a single group dedicated to ant mining machine,A6 / A7, ant S7 / S9 / T9, Wright mining machine A4 / E9, Panda mining machine, Shenma mining machine All series.

Package included:
1 x PC Power Supply