1000W ATX 12V 2 31 PC Power Supply PFC INTEL ATX12V 2 31 8PIN 2x6PIN LED Fan Computer for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

Applicable type: desktop computer
Power standard :ATX 12V 2.31
Applicable CPU range: full platform
PFC type: passive PFC
Power :1000W
Support multiple 12V: support
Number of 12V interfaces :8PIN+2x6PIN
Number of d-type interfaces :4
CPU power interface :8PIN
Number of SATA ports :4

- Power supply built-in intelligent chip, support Intel, AMD and other mainstream processors, powerful compatibility, more game options.
- Durable output, strong power. Enhanced 12V to meet the needs of medium and high video CARDS, more stable power output performance.
- INTEL ATX12V 2.31 version of the power specification, better compatibility, better stability.
- Original power supply, stable performance more outstanding, lasting game power.
- 12cm all-black noise reduction fan, reducing power noise, effective heat dissipation, intelligent temperature control circuit.

Package included:

1 x PC Power Supply