Portable Electric Mini Desktop Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner Rechargeable USB Keyboard Cleaner Super Wind

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Computer Cleaners

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Product Specification

1. Name: USB Desktop Cleaner;
2. Model: S01;
3. Color: Black, Pink;
4. Material: ABS;
5. Size: 90 x 85 x 85mm;
6. Charging time: 2 hours;
7. Battery Capacity: 750mAh;
8. Voltage: 3.7V


1. In order to prevent paper dust from floating and dust, the design of 360-degree rising wind and spiral wind blades make it easy to deal with various cleaning.
2. Clean the dust and soot inside the computer keyboard to protect the keyboard from damage;
3. When the battery is low, the power indicator flashes red. When the battery is full, the power indicator is always red.
4. High toughness nylon brush for more durability;
5. Turn the counterclockwise to open the bottom cover, and pour waste into the trash bin. After finishing, align the card slot, turn clockwise to close and use;

 Package includes:
1 x Desktop Cleaner
1 x Charging Cable