MECO ELEVERDE Cordless Electric Air Duster Blower PC Duster Battery Powerful Compressed Air Computer Cleaner for Cleaning Dust Crumbs Laptop Keyboard Tower Fans for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification



Charging Time: 7H

Battery Working Time:50~60 min

Battery capacity: 15000mAh

Motor Rotate Speed: low-speed 27000r/min, high-speed 36000r/min.

2 Adjustable Speed

Tape-c charging: 5V/2A

Max power: 60W

Net Weight: 450g



â–² Portable Design. The electric air duster is wireless, so you can use the dust blower to clean all the dust for you anytime, anywhere, without being restricted by the rope. This electronic duster also has a storage function. You can store unused accessories into the storage port of the product to avoid losing accessories.

â–² 2 Speed Adjustable. Our air blower cleaner supports 2 speed switching with a speed of up to 36000RPM, which is suitable for providing deep cleaning for a variety of equipment. The 15000mAh large-capacity battery enables the product to last up to 1 hour of work, which is enough to clean your equipment.

â–² LED Design. Do you find it difficult to see and clean the dust in a dark place? Then our portable electric air duster with LED light can help you solve this problem. The cleaning effect is better than the air duster cordless without a lamp design.

â–² More Environmentally Friendly. The PC air duster is an alternative to compressed air cans, the use of laptop air blower is more economical and environmentally friendly than compressed air, and pc dust blower can be used in endless cycles. Bring greater convenience to your life.

â–² Widely Used. Our compressed air duster can be used for keyboards, PCs, cameras and other electronic devices. The air cleaner spray is suitable for deep cleaning of offices, homes and car interiors. The wireless dust air blower can effectively clean sofa gaps, blinds, air conditioners, fans, etc.


Package List:

1 x Air Duster (built-in Li-battery)

1 x Brush Nozzle

1 x Standard Nozzle

1 x Type-C Cord

1 x Portable Bag

1 x Keyboard Puller

1 x User Manual