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Product Specification

1. Name: Desktop Cleaner;
2. Model: 5748;
3. Color: Black, Pink, Orange;
4. Material: ABS;
5. Size: 11.5x7.5x7.8cm;
6. Rated power: 3W;
7. Power supply: 5AA x 2 battery (not included);
8. Voltage: 3V


1. Strong suction power: using two AA batteries, the improved design of the small turbine straight suction port, and a high-speed 9700 rpm high-speed motor, as small as soot, cake crumbs, rubber residue, hair, etc. One can hide.
2. Clean the dust and soot inside the computer keyboard to protect the keyboard from damage;
3. Easy to clean: Just press the bottom cover gently and pour it into the trash can at one time, completely avoiding the hidden danger of hygiene caused by the second flying dust caused by cleaning the environment around the desktop.
4. High toughness nylon brush for more durability;

 Package includes:
1 x Desktop Cleaner