Clean Glue Gel Soft Adhesive Dust Cleaner Cleaning Glue For Keyboard Corner

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Computer Cleaners
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Product Specification

Product characteristics
1. Soft adhesive material, can easily extend into the concave convex seam, strong adhesive dust, hair, debris.
2. The product cleaning effect comes from the adhesion of the product itself, no need to use water washing or other cleaning products clear,
can be used repeatedly
3. Add disinfection ingredients, effectively kill bacteria
    Environmental recipes can be broken down naturally and are harmless to the human body
Use instructions
1. Clean the gel to pull the appropriate shape
2. Gently press on the surface of the required cleaning items, colloids are automatically deep into the gap adsorption dust,
    killing bacterial virus. 
After use, please put it back into the package and seal it in the shade to avoid direct sunlight.

Package included:

1x Clean Glue