EVESKY Little Monster RGB Computer Case CPU M ATX Water Cooling Double sided Transparent Glass Gaming Chassis for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


â—† Clean and beautiful computer case, size: 580*225*450mm, all components have enough space to make it durable, suitable for your first generation PC, theater PC and gaming PC.
â—† The full-through gaming PC case on the left allows you to see the RGB components at a glance.Change motherboard size to support M-ATX.
â—† Desktop computer case with professional cable management solution. There is extra space behind the motherboard tray for hiding cables. I/O components, USB 3.0,power button, audio output and top input.
â—† CPU cooler height supports up to 165MM, and supports graphics card length up to 310MM, hard drive slot, SSD supports 2.5 inch SSD * 1, HDD supports 3.5 inch HDD *1.
â—† The PC supports up to 6 chassis cooling fans (The case does not contain a fan),Support water cooling installation,can be freely DIY.


Chassis type: Double side tempered glass gaming air-cooling computer case
Applicable motherboard: Micro-ATX
Power support: ATX power supply, under-mounted
CPU cooler: up to 165MM
Graphics card support: up to 310MM
Hard disk support: tool-free plug-in HDD*1 and back-mounted SSD*1
PCIE support: 4 card slots
Air-cooled cooling system: Front support 120MM fan*2
Top: Support 120MM*2 (compatible with 240 cold row)
Rear: Support 120MM fan*1 computer case
Material: SPCC black steel plate + tempered glass
Steel plate thickness: 1.2mm
Screw: black alumina screw
Cable routing: unique design with wide back routing
Product size: 580*225*450mm
Packing size: 640*540*310mm
Product net weight: 9.3kg
Product gross weight: 10.4kg

Package includes:

1 * Little Monster Computer Case
1 * Other Accessories