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Product Specification


1. Item: ATX Computer Case
Supported Motherboard: ATX, M-ATX, Mini-ITX Motherboard
3. Video Card Limit: Below 28cm, Not support the graphics card with three fans
4. CPU Cooler: Height limit 160mm
5. Size: 350*290*410 mm
6. Hard Disk Bit: HDD*1/SSD*3
7. Power support: ATX
8. I/O panel: USB3.0*1/USB2.0*2/ audio interface/microphone interface
9. Extension notch: 7
10. Water cooling installation: the rear can be installed with 120mm water drain
11. Cooling system: fan front position 3*120mm/ rear 1*120mm/ top 2*120mm/ bottom 2*120mm
1. Toughened glass, light transmission on both sides.
2. Equipped with an independent power supply and hard disk area, wide space structure, with a powerful air cooling system, multi-fan design, faster air circulation, conducive to heat dissipation.
3. Reasonable structure of the motherboard, power, hard disk to distinguish one by one, orderly division of space.
4. Top magnetic suction precision PVC dust screen design, dust lift off.
5. Three-dimensional circulation cooling system, at the same time the rear plate can be compatible with 120mm water cooling equipment, three-dimensional cooling duct, heat without leaving dead Angle.
6. 20mm spacious back wiring space, wire arrangement is more neat and beautiful, optimize the wiring track and hidden line, effectively reduce the wind duct blocked.
7. The power supply directly inhales the cold air outside the box, and the lower position of the independent air duct cooling power supply is the lower position of the box center, which can reduce the negative impact of resonance.
8. Note: Case only, other accessories are NOT included.
Package included:
1 * ATX Desktop Computer Case