Vention TDFHB USB C to VGA Converter Aluminum Alloy HD 1080 60Hz Two Mode Mirror Driver Free Plug and Play for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


1. Brand: Vention

2. Name: USB-C to VGA converter aluminum alloy type

3. Model: TDFHB

4. Color: Gray

5. Interface: USB-C male/ VGA female

6. Interface technics: Nickel-plated

7. Resolution: 1080@60Hz

8. Conductor: Tinned-copper

9. Shielding: Aluminum foil + metal braided+ GND

10. Shell: Aluminum alloy

11. Chip: RTD2169D

12. Jacket: TPE

13. AWG: 34AWG+26AWG

14. OD: 4.2mm


1. For large screen extension, USB-C to VGA HD converter.

2. 1080P HD with 3D vision, support 1080P@60Hz resolution and refresh rate.

3. High performance and stable. RTD2169D high performance chip, avoid ghosting and splash.

4. Driver free for mainstream OS, plug and play for Windows, for Mac OS, Vista, etc.

5. Designed for USB-C interface. Compact and portable.

Package Includes:

1 X Vention TDFHB USB-C to VGA Converter