Unnlink IR Infrared Remote Control Repeater 3m IR Extension Cable 5V USB Power Supply for Smart LED TV Box IPTV

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Product Specification


- Increased processing of infrared head to ensure higher sensitivity. The remote control distance is longer, and the sensitivity far exceeds similar products on the market
- Use IR infrared receiver extension cable, a set-top box to connect two TVs, the bedroom and living room can be easily remotely watched
- Extend the distance and stable transmission. Oxygen-free pure copper transmits signals without loss at high speed, suitable for infrared appliances such as air conditioners and TVs
- Brand new upgrade, strong anti-interference ability, up to 3 meters without attenuation

Steps for Usage:
1. Send infrared signal: the small one is facing the infrared window of the set-top box (aim at the infrared receiving window of the set-top box 10cm)
2. Receive infrared signals: put the big one on the top/bottom of the TV screen (point the remote control at the big one for remote control)


- Brand: Unlink
- Product name: IR infrared remote control repeater
- Outer quilt material: environmentally friendly PVC
- Type: Optical receiving device
- Band range: far infrared
- Operation mode: continuous
- Incentive method: electrical excitation
- Working substance: solid
- Light path: inner light path
- Output form: photosensitive device type
- Transmission signal: broadband type
- Speed: high speed
- Channel: dual channel
- Output wavelength: 940nm
- Line width: 940mm
- Support frequency: 20Hz-60Hz
- Power supply: USB powered

Package Includes:

- 1 x Unnlink IR infrared remote control repeater