Ugreen USB 3.0 Male to USB 3.1 Type C Female Adapter USB-C Data Cable Converter Connector With Removable Chain US276 for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification



* Brand: UGreen
* Model: US276
* Name: USB 3.0 Male to Type-C Female Adapter
* Function: Charging + Data Transfer
* Shell Material: Aluminum Alloy
* Chip Model: VL160
Output Voltage: 5V

* Szie: 35 * 12 * 7mm 




* Max up to USB 3.0 5Gbps high speed.

* Fast charging and data transfer, built-in quality VL160 chip.

* Safe charging, 56 KΩ pull-up resistor avoids current overload.

* Keying attachment chain, hook onto other stuffs to avoid losing.

* Extremly portable size, user-friendly designed and easy to collect.

* Freely to connect USB-C earphone such as for Xiaomi, for Huawei P20 noise canceling earphone 


Package Included:

1 * SB 3.0 Male to Type-C Female Adapter