2.2m Mechanical Keyboard Cable Coiled Type-C USB Aviation Connector Spring Wire Desktop Computer Plug Data Cable for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


* Product name: Mechanical keyboard antenna patch cord
* Brand: H-1 
* Product material: braided wire
* Interface type: Type-C to USB
* Wire: 5 copper cores
* Product application: Compatible with all Type-C USB mechanical keyboards
* Color: black, white, purple, blue, red
* USB straight length: 1.5m
* Natural length: 1.8m
* Tensile length: 2.2m
* Product weight: 105g
* Packing weight: 146g
* Packing size: 15.5*8.8*4.7cm


1. Multiple color options:

Coiled keyboard cable has various eye-catching color settings, which can provide more interesting elements for your desktop settings.

2. Metal Aviation Connector:

The connector allows you to quickly attach different cables to your keyboard or other accessories. It also adds texture to your desk setup and makes your keyboard look awesome!

3. Keyboard Coiled cables, durable quality:

This custom coiled cable uses four high-quality copper wires and aluminum shielding foil as the core. The material is not afraid of bending or breaking. The weaving adopts woven mesh + PET mesh double-layer weaving, and the resin mesh is both beautiful and durable.

4. Coiled USB C Cable, USB 2.0 compatible:

The cable adopts Type-C interface design, aluminum alloy CNC shell, sandblasted surface, corrosion and oxidation resistance, and recessed design can match most keyboards.

5. Excellent quality:

This Coiled Cable has experienced multiple technical tests, including data transmission stability, Cable is firm and durable, and the joint welding is firm. Each product you have got is high quality.

Package Included:

1 x Mechanical Keyboard Cable

Please kindly note that: Only the keyboard coiled cable is sold, the keyboard is only for display.