Stage Lighting 48 Pcs SMD LED Strobe Light Mini KTV Private Room Burst Flashing Light Jumping Di Flashing Bar Light for Sale with BTC on


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Commercial Lighting

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Product Specification


The body is compact. Small design, easy to carry, light body, every detail is meticulously crafted.
Comes with cooling holes. Good open hole heat dissipation.
Multi-speed adjustment. The strobe speed can be adjusted to meet different needs. The strobe speed is designed with an adjustment button.
Easy to install. Metal handle design, flexible and convenient installation, can be hung, placed flat, and placed on top.
High-quality power cord. Strong and durable power cord, quality assurance.


Rated power: 12W
Working environment: indoor
Light source: 48 pieces of 5050 patches
Luminous color: white light/RGB/UV
Power supply: AC90~ 240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Applicable places: bars, discos, dance halls, KTV rooms, family parties
Control mode: voice control, self-propelled mode, strobe (stepless speed regulation), remote control
Shell material: plastic
Product net weight molding shell: 0.25kg

Package include:

1 x Stage Lighting
1 x Remote control

Details picture: