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Commercial Lighting

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Product Specification


NEW UV Germicidal Lamp
The UV germicidal lamp is suitable for 40 square meters of space, living room, bedroom and other family spaces, can be quickly sterilized and disinfected for 15 minutes. Using UVC disinfection lamp, the beam angle can be 360 ° wide, which can completely remove odor and dust, effectively improve your living environment.


Theoretical service life: 8000 hours
Charging: 5v0.5-1a
Rated power: 5W (maximum)
Battery capacity: 2400mAh
Sterilization method: Ultraviolet rays + ozone
Working environment: 0-60 ℃
Relative humidity: 10-75%
Product size: 77x77x207mm

Package included:

1 x UV Germicidal Lamp

1.Warning: When the lamp is turned on, please leave the place of use immediately and keep the environment without any animals and plants. Do not look directly at the light source. Absorbing too much light can cause skin irritation and conjunctival damage.
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