2417 3 Axis Mini DIY CNC Router Wood Craving Engraving Cutting Milling Desktop Engraver Machine 240x170x65mm

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CNC Router
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Product Specification

General Specification
 Model  Mini CNC2417 (Without Laser Module)
 Frame Material  Aluminum, PVC, Plastic
 Working Area  Approx. 240x170x65mm
 Machine Size  Approx. 430x430x330mm
 Control Software  GRBL
 Support OS  Windows XP, Win7, Win8, Win10
 Net Weight  7.5kg
 Features  1. Aluminum Profile Stable Construction
 2. 3 Axis Movable, Powerful Spindle Motor
 3. Contains Quickstart Guide of GRBL Software
 4. 240x170x65mm, Meet Most Amateur DIY Needs
 5. Engrave Wood, Plastic, Acrylic, PCB, or Similar Material
 Technical Parameters
 Power Supply  DC 12V 5A
 Rated Power  60W
 Spindle Motor  555 Spindle Motor
 No-Load Speed  6000 rpm
 Shank Diameter  3.175mm
 Processing Accuracy  0.08mm-0.1mm
 Positioning Accuracy  0.04mm
 Working Area  Approx. 240x170x65mm
 Machine Size  Approx. 430x430x330mm
 Spindle Motor  555 Spindle Motor

1. This is a personal mini CNC engraving machine, perfect for artist, hobbyists and craft makers.
2. Great for fun, study and research. Not intended for production use.
3. Requires self-assembly from scratch. Includes all the components required for assembly. 
4. Assembly requires a certain mechanical skill. All assembly components are included.
5. This is a true DIY kit. If you are a true Maker, DIY Handyman or an artist, this machine offer a great way to repeat processes and do things that no hand tool ever allowed you to do.
6. The CNC engraving machine just performs the G code engraving, not directly input the drawings automatically engraving.
7. Engraving Materials: The machine can carve wood, plastic, acrylic, PCB, or the like materials.
    Can Not Engrave: Hard metal (such as brass, steel, iron, etc), jade and other very hard texture items.

1. Assembly Instructions
2. GrblControl Software (Free Installation)
3. Get A Quickstart To GrblControl Software
4. Further Information
Please refer to: Click Here.

For better viewing and software using, please download the folders and files from dropbox on your computer firstly. Especially the grblcontrol software folder and driver installation folder, since the .exe files can not be directly opened on dropbox. Thanks for your understanding.

Any questions about the machine, please contact us with a video for showing the problem. Besides, the video includes the machine‘s total appearance and the control board wiring will be better. Thanks for your understanding.
Package Included:
1 x Mechanical Engraving Machine 
1 x Spindle Motor
1 x Power Adapter
1 x USB Cable
1 x Screws Assortment Box
3 x Drill Bits
(Without Laser Module)