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Car Air Purifier

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Product Specification


P9 is a smart air purifier, with 5000mAh rechargable battery built-in and Type C USB cable for charging. The product adopted high efficiency and washable filter which is no replacement needed. Making brushless motor and high speed fan work together to lead the airflow to go through the wind tunnel and absorb PM2.5 particles, bacteria which are floating in the air to refresh the air in a few minutes.


Model P9
Material ABS+PVC
Color White/black
Weight 495G
Size 220*68*68mm
Battery Volum 5000mAh
Power display Percentage display
Active oxygen content:
Rated voltage
12 (V)
Power supply
5 (V)
Input 5VType-C
Double fan 5V 5000RPM
Voltage USB 5V
LED green-good yellow-normal red-bad
PM2.5 sensor mixed sensor
Fan gear 1 gear, 2 gear,semi-auto, static light
Button indicator Show blue light when turn on
Anion Support

Installing the Car Air Purifier:

1.Remove the filter cover as shown in the image above.Remove the fiter from base.

2.Remove the plastic packaging of filter.

3.put filter into device, put cover back into pace.

4.Place the air purifer in the cup holder in your car.

5.Turn on the power and the purifier starts to work.

5 Instructions:

1. First time press the button,beep once,electronic filter element turn on,start gear one.

2. Second time press the button,beep once,switch into gear two.

3. Third time press the button,beep once,switch into auto adapt mode.

4. Forth time press the button,beep once,switch into sleeping mode.

5. Fifth time press the button, turn off the stuff.

You can turn off the P9 by long pressing the button in any modes.

If you unplug the power supply when the power is on, the P9 woulo turn it off itself


1. Do not touch the fat blade at any time.

2. Keep P9 car air purifer free of any obstruction, Do not cover.

3. Do not clean or spill any liquids such as water, detergents or flammable solvents on the device.


1. The USB ports of some cars continue to supply bower even when the engine is off. To avoid running out of atteries.the air ourifier is set to automatically shut down after two hours of continuous operation. When the air purifier is automaticaly turneo off after two hours during.driving,turn it on manually if you wish to turn the air purifer on again.

2. Do not place the air purifier in places other than the cup holder to prevent unexpected product movement.as the car is moving,that affects safetywhile driving.In-car USB DATA port is not recommended as power inout.Please avoid the use of any USB port with a power rating lower than 1.0A.or lowpowered car lighter outlet with an adapter as the powersource.When input power is lower than required,produc performance will be compromised.

Package Included:

1 X Air Purifier