US Direct AUTTAJA 500WH 135000mAh Power Station Portable Power Generator Supply With LED Flashlight Power Emergency Energy Supply For Outing Travel Camping for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification

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AC output

110V/60Hz Rated Power 500W (pure sine wave)

Charge duration


Electricity display

Digital display percentage display

Cycle life

>500 times

Operating temperature



308*148*148mm length * width * height

DC output

USB 5V/2.4A QC3.0  Type-C (PD65W)   DC 12V/10A

DC input



(1) Please read and understand the operation manual of this product before in detail! 

(2) When charging, please use the designated charger and charge according to the requirements of the instructions. Charge in a constant current and constant voltagemanner. Reverse charging is prohibited. 

(3) The product has built-in high-quality battery, no memory effect, large capacity and durability. The recommended ambient temperature is minus -20 ℃ to 60 ℃. 

(4) If you do not use this product for a long time, in order to prolong the service life of the battery, please charge this product every three to six months. 

(5) This device is built-in non-detachable battery. Please do not try to take out the battery to avoid damaging the device.

(6) When charging, the charger and this product will be accompanied by slight heating, which is a normal phenomenon.

(7) Please keep this product away from fire, water and other liquids to prevent direct sun exposure.

(8) Please do not short-circuit this product and avoid storing it with coins, jewelry, keys and other metal items. 

(9) This product has built-in high voltage. Non-professionals should not try to disassemble this product by themselves to avoid accidents.

(10) Please do not throw seven products at will after the service life of the battery, so as not to damage the environment. Please dispose of waste batteries according to local laws and regulations.

Package included:

1* Multifunctional Portable Energy Storage Inverter Power Supply 

1* Power Adapter 

1*Operating Manual