US Direct ATEM POWER VASPFOLD FLES 2R AP 160W Portable Monocrystalline Without Glass Solar Panel Equipped With 20A MPPT Controller Suitable For RV Camping for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification





 Solar Panel



Max Power


Open-Circuit Voltage (VOC)


Short-Circuit Current (ISC)


Max Power Voltage  (VMP)


Max Power Current (IMP)


Max System Voltage


Temperature Range

 -40°C(-40°F) ~ +85°C(+185°F)

Expanded size


Folding size


Package Weight



1. Monocrystalline Solar Cell: A-grade monocrystalline solar cells feature the fastest charging speed possible with an energy conversion efficiency of 21%, with premium PET films achieving a light penetration rate of 95%.

2. Optimal Efficiency: With MPPT controller to harvest 20% more energy than PWM controller, this solar panel features kickstands for more solar power harvesting and an auto-optimization function for immediate reconnection after interruption.

3. Superior Portability: Exclusively manufactured with no glass, a foldable design with a robust carrying handle.

4. Ultimate Protection: This solar panel features anodized aluminum frames, reinforced corner protectors and diode bypass technology which protects the shaded cell from overheating.

5. Multiple Functionality: Compatible with AGM, lead-acid, Gel, Calcium & LiFePO4 batteries, this folding solar panel features a 5V 1.5A USB port to charge portable devices directly, including smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras, etc.

Package included

1x Solar panel