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Product Specification

Power Station Specifications:





AC output

320W rated

DC output

12V-16.8V/10A (max)

PD type-c


QC 3.0


Normal USB output

5V/2.4A output


292Wh Li-ion battery

Wireless charger







Solar Panel Specification:



Solar Panel Wattage

100 W

DC Charging Output


USB Charging Output

5V/2.1A Max

Cell Efficiency:


Folding Size


Unfold Size



5.02 lbs.


Power Station Introduction:

● Pure Sine Wave: Real AC output as home power supply, which will not be harmful to the appliance

● Battery Management System (BMS): Safety protection system

● Intelligent Temperature Control system & high-efficiency Heat Dissipation design


Power Station Features:

【9 OUTPUTS BACKUP POWER FULFILL YOUR NEEDS】Featuring 1 x PURE SINE WAVE AC outlets, 1 x 100W USB-C ports, 2 x DC ports, 2 x USB-A ports, 1* QC3.0 port, 1 x wireless charging pad. The battery generator can power 9 devices at the same time.

【1 x AC OUTLETS AND 292Wh CAPACITY BACKUP POWER】With its 292Wh/80000mmAh capacity and 320W AC Output. With 1 pure sine wave AC outlets, Flashfish A301 can power devices under 320W, such as laptops, drone, TV small freezer, small fan etc.; As a 292Wh backup lithium battery, the A301 provides enough juice to run essential devices for hours, depending on the actual output.

【PD 100W PORT】Flashfish A301 could deliver 100W max via the PD USB-C consistently, make it powerful enough to Type-C port electronic devices super-super-fast, it means your phone/pad/laptop will reach 80% power within half an hour.

【LED LIGHTING WITH 6 MODES】The built in LED light is very helpful to explore an unfamiliar place, night camping or emergency situation. Includes Read Light Mode(3 brightness), SOS Mode(SOS flashing/Strobe Mode) and Spot Light Mode.

【FULLY CHARGED IN 3.5 HOURS PORTABLE POWER STATION】It takes only 3.5 hours to fully charge the power station through the AC wall charger and 100W PD Type-c port simultaneously (PD Charging Cable Inlucded). Moreover, Flashfish A301 could be charged individually with AC adapter/cigarette lighter adapter/PD-Type-c/Solar panel .

 Solar Panel Feature:

PPOWERFUL COMPATIBILITY - DC adapter with Round plug
HIGH CONVERSION EFFICIENCY - Convert up to 21.5-23.5% of solar power into free energy.generate more energy and perform better than conventional panels in hot weather.
DOUBLE USB OUTPUTS SOLAR CHARGER - Equipped with 2* USB (5V,2.1A max) output port, ready for charging your smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and more.
FORDABLE & PORTABLE - Fold up as a briefcase, folded dimensions: 21.6 * 21.6 inches, convenient to carry it wherever you go.Ideally suited for the outdoor life and even unexpected power outages.
18V DC compatible with most power generator

Package Included:

1× Solar Charger

1× DC Cable

3× DC connectors

1 x Power Station

1 x AC Adapter

1 x AC Charging Cable

1 x Car Charging Adapter

1 x Car Charging Cable

1 x PD charging cable


1. When the battery is recharging, DC, PD and USB outputs can be used simultaneously, but AC and QC 3.0 outputs would stay OFF

2. Please charge the battery pack once every 1 months even you don't have to use it

3. Please note that the AC output port can charge devices less than 320W, DC output can charge devices total less than 168W; Once exceeding, this portable power generator will be in protection mode and shut down.

4. The power station can not charge and discharge at the same time in order to protect the battery life.

5. The junction box is not waterproof and please keep it dry.